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Go River Tubing on the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers at Harpers Ferry – rated among the top 10 tubing rivers in the nation by USA Today’s Reader’s Choice!

River Tubing on the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers at Harpers ferry WV

Harpers ferry Tubing trips are the #1 summertime outdoor fun for the DC/Baltimore metro area!

The Shenandoah & Potomac Rivers were voted two of the TOP 10 TUBING RIVERS IN THE NATION by USA Today’s Reader’s Choice. These two historic rivers join together right below Harpers Ferry and offer many different sections of white water and mellow to flat water for fun paddling. The Shenandoah River flows west to east on the south side of Harpers Ferry, and the Potomac River flows west to east on the north side of Harpers Ferry.  Make memories this summer. Go play!

River & Trail Outfitters offers tubing rentals, shuttles, and tours on the Shenandoah River and Potomac River. From mellow Shenandoah lazy river tubing trips to white water tubing at Harpers Ferry, we have the trip for you! Visit us during the week when we are less busy and save up to $8 off our Saturday prices.


For assistance with booking call 301-834-9950. Online booking discounts –  Save $3/person!

River Tubing FAQs

Not sure what tubing in Harpers Ferry is all about? Read these helpful Tubing FAQs below!

Ladies Tubing on the Shenandoah River - River & Trail Outfitters

Harpers Ferry Tubing - Shenandoah River Mellow, Lazy River Float Trip

  • 1-2 hr mellow, flat water tubing float on the Shenandoah River.
  • Go for more than one run (as available).
  • Add an optional kayak or canoe paddle on-site for $10 more.
  • Starts at $29.  Weekdays are $8 less than weekends.
  • Minimum age 4 & at least 50 lbs.
  • Float section starts just upriver from Harpers Ferry on the Shenandoah River. 
  • Coolers welcome.

Harpers Ferry White Water Tubing - Active River Tubing Trip

  • White water river tubing Class 2 & 3 active fun at Harpers Ferry. 
  • 1-2 hour tubing trip.
  • Go for more than one run (as available).
  • Starts at $31. Weekdays are $8 less than weekends.
  • Minimum age 12 & at least 90 lbs.
  • Meets at our Knoxville, Maryland Outpost and starts upstream of Harpers Ferry on the Potomac River.
  • Float to the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers. 
  • No coolers on this trip – the white water wants all of your  attention.
Couple tubing near Harpers Ferry - River & Trail Outfitters
Group of tubers on gentle Potomac - River and Trail Outfitter

Harpers Ferry Tubing - Potomac River Mellow, Lazy River Float Trip

  • Guided, longer river tubing float trip with more scenery, more time on the water, and a riverside snack.
  • Spot bald eagles and blue herons!
  • 3 hour float on mellow, flat water
  • The perfect trip for a full morning or afternoon summer adventure. (The other Harpers Ferry Tubing trips are only 1-2 hours.)
  • Riverside snack & guide included!
  • Available Fri, Sat, Sun. More remote area – less people, more wildlife, more chillin’ in the river. 
  • $52/person. Minimum age 7 & at least 50 lbs.
  • Starts just downstream from Harpers Ferry, at the Brunswick Family Campground. 

Harpers Ferry Tubing Season Pass

  • Great deal on river tubing & paddling at Harpers Ferry – multiple trip options – all summer long!
  • Valid for Harpers Ferry Shenandoah River Tubing – a flat water, mellow trip.
  • Valid for Harpers Ferry White Water Tubing on the Potomac River. 
  • Valid for Harpers Ferry Park & Paddle kayaking & canoeing at our Shenandoah River Outpost at Millville WV. 
  • $99 for a Single Tubing Season Pass; $250 for a Four Person Tubing Season Pass.
  • Best way to spend your summer on the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers at Harpers Ferry!
Tube relaxing on the Shenandoah River - River and Trail Outfitters

Harpers ferry river tubing FAQs

Shenandoah Mellow Harpers Ferry Tubing is a 1-2 hour float that is good for families with young children and adults who want relaxation and flexibility.  Cars are parked right at the river take-out for your convenience, and more than one run is available (as time and availability allow).  On weekends, if you are a little early or late for this trip, it’s ok!  The bus continues to run back and forth every 15 minutes.  Be aware that our last bus on weekends departs at 4pm (check in 3:30pm). This trip is located 6.5 miles upriver from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  Minimum age is 4 years & 50 lbs (or bring your own vest)

Potomac Mellow Harpers Ferry Tubing is our staff favorite.  It launches from the Brunswick Family Campground, 15 minutes from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia in Brunswick, Maryland.  The area is less traveled and more remote than the other two tubing trips.  The 2.5- 3 hour float features great blue herons, egrets, and often a bald eagle.  A river guide is present on this trip to serve a snack on a river island, help carry small coolers in a canoe, and make sure everyone finds the take-out.  Tent camping, RV camping, & basic cabins are available right at the check-in and launch location.  Minimum age is 7 years & 50 lbs. Availability is Fri-Sun or any day for groups of 15 or more.

Whitewater Tubing Harpers Ferry  is the tubing trip to choose if you are looking for more splash and waves and are a strong swimmer!  On this 1-2 hour adventure on the Potomac River, tubers will pass through the beautiful confluence of the Shenandoah & Potomac Rivers at Harpers Ferry.  Tubers will need to be aware of rocks as obstacles and use their arms to maneuver their tubes.  Rocks and sandy shores are  along the way for a place to relax and hang out on the river.  More than one run may be an option based on time and availability.  Large water bottles are allowed on this trip instead of coolers. Minimum age is 12 years & 90 lbs.

Bring shoes with a good rubber sole that hook to your feet, such as old sneakers, velcro sandals, aqua sox, etc…  FLIP FLOPS ARE NOT PERMITTED.  We do sell water shoes at our tubing check-ins.  

Remember that we do have a closing time for tubing.  Do not arrive so late that you do not have time for your tubing run!


Reservations online or by phone are recommended but not mandatory for two of our three tubing trips.  

Shenandoah Mellow Harpers Ferry Tubing does allow for walk-in tubers as does Whitewater Tubing Harpers Ferry.  However, the walk in rate is higher per person, and it does take more time at check-in.  In addition, if you are tubing during a less busy time of the season, walk-ins may not have a driver readily available to shuttle them.  

For the two trips listed above, an online booking discount is available up to one hour before the trip time during our busy summer season.  

Potomac Mellow Tubing does require a reservation, however, spots are sometimes available on the morning of the trip. 


On our mellow Shenandoah River Harpers Ferry Tubing trip, upgrades are available.  

  • Tubes with backrests for $5 more
  • Cooler tubes for holding a mid size cooler (includes strap) $12
  • Tube straps to strap your tubes together $2/strap
  • Add kayaking/canoeing before or after your tubing experience $10

Answer: Yes. Online waivers are available to be filled out via your email confirmation and MUST be filled out. A new waiver must be filled out and signed for each day and for each activity before participating. Waivers can also be found under the waivers link on our website.  Waivers are also available onsite. Minors Anyone under the age of 18 is considered a minor and must have a parent guardian signature. 

Answer: Currently we do not video our trips or have a photographer.  We do sell  waterproof cell phone cases and waterproof cameras at our outfitter store.

Shenandoah River Tubing – Mellow Trip:
Department of Natural Resources states that “no person shall operate any vessel (tube) while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance or drug, under the combined influence of alcohol and any controlled substance or any other drug, or while having an alcohol concentration in his or her blood of eight hundredths (.08) of one percent or more, by weight.”
Drunk or drugged boaters pose a serious danger to themselves, our other customers, and our staff and will be asked to leave with no refund.  Remember that you are also floating among families, please be responsible with your drinking.

Potomac River Tubing – Whitewater Trip:
Save the bottled fun for after the run!  Whitewater and alcohol are not a recommended combination. 

Answer: Please inform your reservation specialist before arrival of any physical or medical conditions of anyone in your group.  Also inform your trip leader prior to the trip.  We highly recommend you consult a physician prior to participating in our activities if you have any concern.  We advise all ASTHMATICS to bring their inhalers. We also advise that anyone who has allergies requiring an epi-pin to bring it. Note: We reserve the right to refuse anyone participating in our adventure activities due to physical, mental or size limitations that, in our opinion, would expose that person or group to extreme risk.

Answer: At River and Trail we have suggested ages for each of our trips. Age limits will change depending on water levels and trip formats.

Suggested Ages:

  • Shenandoah Tubing, 4 yrs & 50 lbs 
  • Potomac Mellow Tubing, 7 yrs & 50 lbs
  • Harpers Ferry Whitewater Tubing 12 yrs & 90 lbs

Answer:  YES.  Always wear your life vest, river levels vary with each step! Our U.S. Coast Guard approved PFDs are required by law, our insurance, and our company policy. 

Answer:  Like you, your camera will get wet. Things also have a way of going into the river, never to be seen again.  This being the case, we would suggest a sturdy strap and a waterproof camera. We do sell waterproof cases for cell phones and waterproof cameras in our outfitter store

Answer: As stated above “Like you, your cell phone, wallet and keys will get wet. Things also have a way of going into the river, never to be seen again.” This being the case, we recommend that you DO NOT BRING THESE ITEMS ON THE TRIP WITH YOU unless you have a completely waterproof container. Our guided trips carry cell phones for emergency situations. We suggest that you lock your personal belongings in your car trunk and give your keys to our shop staff. Watches can be worn if they are waterproof. Keep in mind that River & Trail is not responsible for any of these items mentioned that are damaged by water if you choose to take them on the trip with you. We try to keep dry boxes and bags for cell phones stocked in our shop.